5-axis milling machine joins our fleet

5-axis milling machine joins our fleet

29. May 2024

Vellerand is continuously investing in new machinery to improve the available technological solutions. Now we’re excited to announce the addition of a 5-axis milling machine to our machine park. This cutting-edge technology allows us to achieve higher precision, reduce setup time, and explore complex geometries. Many of You maybe do not know, but deep draw tooling that is used to make Vellerand brand pressed boxes are made inhouse. Thanks to this investment we can develop new shaped pressed boxes faster. To produce tooling we have used 3-axis milling machine, but with new 5-axis milling machine our tooling department can produce tooling spending less time. It will be an advantage for us and for companies who would like to work with us.

By investing in new 5-axis milling machine our tooling department can get several advantages, especially with complex parts and intricate geometries. Let’s explore some of the key benefits:

  1. Higher Precision and Accuracy:

5-axis CNC machines operate with greater precision, delivering accurately machined and smoother parts that would be too complex for traditional 3-axis CNC equipment.

Ultra-precise, high-accuracy rotary tables and trunnions are essential components in 5-axis machines, ensuring precise positioning despite the forces generated during cutting.

  1. Improved Production Speed (Lead Times):

With fewer setups required, 5-axis machining reduces production lead times compared to traditional methods.

Simultaneous movement of all five axes allows for faster material removal and efficient machining.

  1. Fewer Setups:

Traditional machining often involves multiple setups to achieve complex geometries. 5-axis machines can handle intricate shapes in a single setup, streamlining the manufacturing process.

  1. More Complex Part Geometries:

5-axis machines enable the production of intricate and non-prismatic parts with complex surfaces.

  1. Better Surface Finishes:

The multidirectional approach of 5-axis machining results in smoother surface finishes, reducing the need for additional finishing steps.

Improved surface quality is crucial for critical components.

  1. Improved Drilling Capabilities:

5-axis machines allow for precise drilling at various angles, enhancing hole quality and accuracy.

Complex hole patterns can be achieved without repositioning the workpiece, saving time and effort.

In summary, 5-axis machining provides numerous benefits, including increased accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency.

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