Design and prototyping

Vellerand’s innovative approach to meeting customers’ needs means, we can design quality products and tooling to give us not only quality parts but the most effective production process.

With our OES and OEM production experience, we utilise the knowledge gathered to improve the aftermarket product designs. Majority of our products are based on the OEM designs, supplying the best fit for any make or model.

Our aim is to continuously widen our selection of exhausts, always working on new models to meet the demand of the market. As both we and our customers value a wide range of products, we heavily invest i.e., at least 30% of the profits into research and development.

Our current comprehensive product portfolio holds 2000 different exhaust systems and each year we add around 200 new in-house developed products to our selection.

The outlook is set on the ongoing investment into state-of-the-art technologies, that allows for the ever-improving efficacy in the production process and quality of the end-products.

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